Platlet Rich Plasma is obtained by drawing blood via venipuncture, spinning it down, and extracting the platelet rich portion of the plasma.  This plasma is full of growth factors which stimulate existing stem cells to replicate.  To date, its primary uses have been joint injections, tendon injections, and cosmetic applications.

        The PRP Facial uses platlet rich plasma (PRP) injected into various areas of the face and neck.  Initially the face is swollen and bruised.  This swelling is usually gone in 48 hours.  The brusing is gone generally in one week, but may take two to three weeks depending on how quickly a person heals.  The face returns to its pre-treatment condition.  Starting at about 4 weeks the person will notice the skin has a fresher appearance more radiance.  Over time one will notice newer, tighter skin with fine lines disappearing.  In three months, typically the skin is younger appearing with many of the original wrinkles gone.  Dr. Viglione typically recommends boosting the procedure at 6 - 12 weeks.  The changes are permanent, but the skin will continue to age at its normal rate.  This is where skin care products can really make a difference.  Our office sells Argon skin care which has stem cells from the European Argonia plant in it. 

        Dr. Viglione has seen great success in using PRP for tendonitis, bursitis, and mild to medium arthritic pain.  Typical injection areas are fingers, toes, plantar fascia, knees, shoulders, elbows, and Achilles tendons.  With joints, it is usually necessary to repeat the procedure 2- 3 times, occasionally more.