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        To think about anti-aging, one must first embark on a quest for wellness and health.  Sure, we are all programmed to age at the cellular level and eventually die, but so much of what we experience as the detrimental effects of aging are due to accumulated toxic waste in our bodies and an unhealthy lifestyle.  Our environment is full of toxins in our air, our water, and in our food.  Unless you live in a bubble or in a remote, unindustrialized area, you have accumulated a great deal of toxins.  Toxins keep our bodies from functioning optimally,  inhibit normal cellular and organ system functions, and are carcinogenic.   They also cause more free-radical formation and burden on our systems.  Free-radicals are a huge component of disease and aging in our bodies.  How each person handles his or her toxic burden is dependent on his or her genetics and lifestyle.  Obviously, at this point in time altering our genetic make-up is not possible (although this is a hot area of research), but detoxifying our bodies to enable them to function better is!

        Detoxification starts with minimizing your intake of toxins.  Purify your water first.  We are made up of 60% water.  Next, eat as much organic or free range, pesticide-free foods as you can afford.  Not only are organic foods pesticide  and hormone free, but they are grown in nutrient rich soil so their vitamin and nutrient content are much, much higher than standard foods.  Because we cannot isolate ourselves from all toxins or eat a perfectly clean and nutritious diet, we must supplement our diet with vitamins and minerals.  Lastly, we need to actively detoxify.  This is accomplished multiple ways.  Exercise is the easiest to do and can be done at home.  Sweating through exercise and supervised sauna (infrared is best) treatments will release many of the pesticides through the sweat glands in the skin.  Chelating agents which remove heavy metals and some pesticides can be prescribed by a medical doctor to assist in ridding the body and its organs of stored toxins.  Dietary and colon cleanses done several times of year assist the body in removal of toxic waste.  Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is especially helpful in cases of nervous system toxicity.



 Finally, as one becomes healthier through detoxification, the body may reverse some of its signs of aging.  Detoxification will definitely slow the physical consequences of aging down.  Targeted hormone replacement, anti-aging nutritional supplementation, and cosmetic procdures round out the process to make you look and feel as good on the outside and you do on the inside!!!!!

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