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Skin Rejuvenation
        To achieve the best reversal of the effects of sundamage and aging on the skin we recomend a combined approach.  During your consultation we will discuss what we feel will best suit your needs within your budget.
Sublative:  Radiofrequency is delivered directly into the dermis of the skin via a grid of small needles.  The needles are not felt, just a burst of heat.  It is similar to microneedling, but the RF causes a great deal of new collagen stimulation.  For a few days you can see small square imprinted on the face which gradually fade.  This is extremely popular for wrinkle reduction, removal of scars, and skin tightening.
True Science Skin Care is available exclusively through Lifevantage distributors.  It is an industry first, revolutionary, patented skin care using Nrf2 technology.  Nrf2 is a pathway in our body that is the master regulator of our body's survival genes.  Stimulating Nrf2 in the skin cells results in DNA protection from ultraviolet rays and stimulation of new collagen growth.  Below, you can see skin treated for 1 week with Retin A.  The skin cells are dying and are disorganized, with a thin collagen dermis and thin epithelial layer (top layer of skin).  The second picture is after 1 week with the True Science anti-aging cream.  Look at the difference.  The collagen is thick and dark green.  The epidermis is also thick and healthy (decreased wrinkles, increased elasticity).

Photorejuvenation:  We use ELOS technology to provide the best photorejuvenation available today.  It treats brown spots, red capillaries, rosecea, shrinks large pores, and stimulates new cells and collagen growth.  It gives your skin a more youthful, healthy glow. 

Wrinkle Reduction:  We combine photorejuvenation with the skin tightening Elos applicator; Sublime technology which tightens the skin with RF and infrared wave forms; sublative which uses intradermal RF to provide a deeper level of collagen stimulation and remodeling; microdermabrasion; and True Science Skin Care to reverse sun damage and improve the skin texture and fine lines and wrinkles of the face, neck, and chest.

Microdermabrasion:  We have a machine that uses suction and baking soda crystals.  We feel this is the safest, non-toxic form of microdermabrasion and we are very pleased with the results.  We get gentle exfoliation with an increase in circulation to the skin without lasting redness or injury to the skin.  The results are beautiful, glowing, more youthful, and healthier appearing skin.  You can have a treatment with no down time!

Permanent Hair Removal:  Elos again allows for the least painful method of permanent hair removal.  An applicator combining laser and RF that penetrates deeper into the skin will heat up the hair follicle at the base destroying it.  It treats only hair that is actively growing so you cannot pluck or wax during these treatments.  Elos is the only technology that is effective on lighter colored hair.  The number of treatments depends on the hair color and density.  It will take a minimum of five.  All skin types and color can be treated.

Body Contouring:  The revolutionary Vella Shape combines suction with radiofrequency (RF) and Infrared (IF) heat to literally break down (melt) the fat non-surgically.  It also stimulates blood flow to the area and lymphatic flow away from the area. Clients average a 2-4 inch reduction after 4-8 weeks of Vella Shape treatments.  It is also quite effective in smoothing and tightening the skin after liposuction. It is also FDA approved for cellulite treatment.  Dr. Viglione and her staff have advanced training in this procedure also called Lipolite.

Sclerotherapy:  Sclerotherapy, or injecting the unwanted veins with a solution that causes the vein to close up, is still the "gold standard" or best treatment for the small spider and reticular veins.  It is also less painful and more effective than laser therapy.  Our staff provide a thorough treatment which includes treating the reticular or feeder veins that supply the spider veins.  If you don't treat those first, the spider veins don't go away completely or they usually come back worse than they were to start with.  We use ELOS technology to treat small spiders that are too small for sclerotherapy.
Botox:  Dr. Viglione has received training in Botox cosmetic from the Carruthers (inventors of Botox for cosmetic use), Chicago Institute of Lasar Therapy, and Dr. Mulholland of Spa Medica.  Our staff has been trained traditional botox, as well as a less expensive technique, whole face botox, and DermaFirm.  Botox added to our other facial/skin rejuvenation services increases the overall result.

Injectable Fillers:  Dr. Viglione uses Juviderm, Restylane, and Restylane Perlane to restore volume and reduce wrinkles to the face and lips.  She has special training in the needle-based face lift or VolumaLift.  Products used will depend on the client's individual needs.
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