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The Living Waters Regenerative Medicine Center offers a complete range of internal medicine care, as well as a full range of natural and complementary therapies, anti-aging and cosmetic services. This full-service medical home features cutting-edge integrative Internal Medicine, stem cell procedures, weight management, wellness and preventative medicine, bioidentical hormone therapy, methylation treatment, and natural thyroid treatment. Cosmetic services range from in-office liposuction and stem cell procedures to non-surgical cosmetic procedures such as botox, injectable fillers, PDO threads, photorejuvenation, non-surgical body contouring, cellulite treatment, among other services.

By incorporating healthier approaches into traditional disease management, Dr. Viglione is on a mission to improve the health of patients and slow the aging process. At the Living Waters Regenerative Medicine Center, the focus is on wellness. New patients are always welcome.

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What Is MDVIP?

Partnering with MDVIP allows the doctor to spend the critical additional time required to deal with complex medical issues. This partnership also allows for a more personalized wellness program for patients. MDVIP patients are treated like family while receiving the benefits of the MDVIP executive-level preventive wellness program perks. Perks include same-day or next-day appointments for sick visits, 24-hour access to Dr. Viglione in case of emergency, as well as appointments that work with your schedule. Patients are privy to her over 35 years of expertise in alternative anti-aging and functional medicine as well as traditional internal allopathic medicine, and discounts on cosmetic and stem cell services.

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Extraordinary Internal Medicine

Tired of being treated like a number, herded through like cattle? Would you like to get to the root of your problem and not just treat your symptoms?

Experience individualized care where your doctor spends time with you. Dr. Viglione is a biohacker and as an added plus, she practices Nutrigenomics – which means using nutrition to alter gene expression. Click on the button below to find out more and how you can join our family!

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Specialty Care

Are your hormones off balance? Do you feel like your thyroid isn’t quite optimized? Dr. Viglione is an expert in hormone treatment and inovative thyroid replacement. Give us a call and find out how to be a specialty patient.

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Bio-hacking is using science and technology to become the best version of yourself that is possible.
By incorporating healthier approaches into traditional disease management, Dr. Viglione is on a mission to improve the health of patients and slow the aging process. She uses extensive testing to determine nutritional deficiencies, toxicity, infections, gut dysfunction, genetics and more to individualize care, get to the root of illness and help each person biohack his/her way to wellness and longevity. Dr. Viglione is near the top of her field in nutrigenomics: using nutrition/dietary supplements to affect gene expression in preference to pharmaceuticals when possible.
If you would like to know more about the gene activation that Dr. Viglione recommends please click on the following links to learn more:

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